What is bitcorex?

WHAT IS BITCOREX? Bitcorex? it is a spendable bitcoin flashing powerful program, with this bitcorex you will flash spendable bitcoin and also use it to pay or purchase anything online on any platform or e-commerce website.
HOW DOES IT WORK? below is a clear tutorial of it and summary of how to use along with the guides, do’s and dont’s of it.

Alot of crazy methods of scam has been out in the past years and right now alot of cyber smart workers are gradually doing something that seems a bit legitimate and it doesn’t stop there, another crazy method that’s out now is flashing of spendable bitcoin. we will teach you how to steal bitcoin/crypto currencies and how to flash spendable bitcoin into any crypto wallet easily without any risk.

you think is not possible? Calm down. Here on our website everything we tell you is legitimate and works perfectly well.

alot of you have been thinking of the possibility of how to flash spendable bitcoin so here’s it, you can do it, just stand up and stand out then take a bold step.

before we give you full orientation on how to do this first of all we are going to tell you few things you will need to know about it before going into it.

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you must withdraw this bitcoin and spend it within five minutes because if you wait for it to get to ten minutes it will be too late and won’t work so you must send it out before five minutes

Reason is before a new block is added to the blockchain with that transaction in it new Bitcoin blocks are added at a rate of 10 minutes on average, and each one confirms all the transactions before it so be sure to send it out immediately you flash it and you must use blockchain which notifies you of new bitcoin transactions by this way you will be able to know when the bitcoin drops to your wallet. As we all know you can send an unconfirmed bitcoin to another wallet so do not wait for it to be confirmed before spending it or sending it to any merchant just send it out immediately you receive it and then it will be confirmed at the merchants end.

“How to flash spendable bitcoin”

What is bitcorex
disappearing, none and merchant’s wallet diagram

wondering how the bitcoin will be confirmed? That’s not your business, leave it to our system to handle.

which bitcoin am I going to use and flash and where will I get it from?

in our program you will have your own bitcoin wallet, inside that wallet you must deposit a minimum of $300 worth of Bitcoin, to deposit it you will need to click menu at the top right bar, select deposit, click the “deposit button” and your wallet address will be shown to you, copy it and send the $300 (three hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin to it)

NOTE: you must use priority network to send this bitcoin in order to save time, reason is the lower the blockchain fee, the lower your transaction’s priority in the network. Therefore, the longer the confirmation will take; so be sure to send it with priority not regular.

after sending it wait for the bitcoin to be confirmed, after it’s confirmed you then click the menu again and select flash bitcoin. You will see the flashing portal at the portal input the merchant bitcoin address, flash $300 to it. After flashing the crypto copy the harsh and send to the merchant and ask them to confirm your transaction.

on the process of trying to confirm they will see your transaction and will of course ask you to wait for one or two confirmation on blockchain network in order to pay you out. Be patient and wait the bitcoin will be confirmed at their end and they will pay you out but immediately they pay you out it won’t last up to 7hours the particular bitcoin will disappear.

NOTE: the bitcoin you’re depositing in the wallet is not going to leave the wallet, it will be duplicated, it will be dual, one will be disappearing bitcoin one will be indisappearing bitcoin and the disappearing bitcoin is what will be sent out.

The question is no more “What is bitcorex?” Is now how do I get started?. To get start you will need to purchase the bitcorex, purchase and install it. It comes with a guide, read the guide if there’s anything you don’t understand you ask question we will attend to you and assist you.

to buy the program click below Button, be sure to input a valid email during checkout because a link will be mailed to you after payment and via that link you will be able to download the program and get started instantly after installation and set up.

NOTE: $300 dollar is the minimum amount to deposit but you can deposit any amount you want but the minimum is 300$. for more information you can find it at bitcorex Official Website: bitcorex.org

we are done answering your questions on and guiding you to how to flash spendable bitcoin now is time for you to get back to work and GoodLuck!

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